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Due to a radical inclined display that makes it possible to read time while driving, this pioneering driver's watch is specifically designed for racing drivers.

AXIOM is a progeny of a rich automotive heritage and drastically pushes the limits of watchmaking design with its sloping dial architecture and innovative multi-dimensional casing. Its curves and surfaces exude sleek aerodynamic designs directly inspired by high-octane racing, making AXIOM a one-of-a-kind timepiece.

AXIOM is Phenomen’s iconic model and is part of a long-standing tradition of ‘‘driver’s watches’’ specifically made for car lovers. Through AXIOM’s original inclined time display, drivers are able to consult the time without having to take their eyes off the road, making it an ideal driving wristwatch.




The titanium body of Axiom houses an exceptional calibre, with remarkable properties:

- power that is multiplied thanks to a double barrel which ensures proper operation: performance and consistency for more than 100 hours,

- a perfect display, closely inspired by car speedometers, which requires a retrograde system arranged in tiers with a clutch,

- a jumping hour precise and fast that intimately evokes the instantaneous speed changes of a robotized gearbox,

- three-dimensional hands that emerge from the inside of the case to cover the conical display.

This mechanical engineering unfolds before your eyes, at a rate of 4 beats per second.