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The installation, by a system of powerful and solid clips, is simple and quick. It takes about 40 m² per person per hour.

The openwork design lets the surface below the tiles hyperventilated. The tiles itself dries quickly even with water and other kinds of liquid passing through it. The maintenance is simple as the slabs are made to create a suction effect when vacuuming on its surface.


The Izifloor tiles are non-slip and scratch resistant. It is also UV resistant as well as to cold or heat, thus, acts as a thermal bridge. 


Izifloor tiles are polypropylene garage slabs. Polypropylene is the same material usually used in car bumpers, which are  rigid and flexible.

This quality allows the floor tiles to adapt to all soils or liquids as it compensates for soil imperfections.


Izifloor tiles can withstand a load of 20 tons per m². It is resistant to all the fluids that are existent in garages, from oil to coolants and even acid. Due to the composition of polypropylene, which is a solid material, these slabs do not have chemical interactions with their environment, which makes it possible to avoid the brown traces that are often encountered on garage floors. This phenomenon is due to the chemical interaction of the tire components with the carpet.  With polypropylene, your floor is always nickel.

With its quality tint, in case of heavy falling objects, Izifloor slabs are not subject to marking of any kind.

Izifloor quality is one, if not the best in the market, with a height of 0.9 cm and a brand new system of clips, our slabs are guaranteed 20 years.

  • Non-slip

  • Guaranteed 20 years

  • Impact resistance to 20 tons / m²

  • Resistant to all fluids

  • Chemical resistant

  • UV resistant

  • Quality tint to avoid marking and scratches

  • 100% recyclable